Meet the team of THE CALORIE COUNTERS - Serina Johnston (Maggie)

Serina was born, raised and thrives in the City of Chicago. She most recently was seen drunkenly making fool of herself in ILY (Gina) (Unheard of Company) and as a reluctant heroine in NPC (Nora). She also had the honor to grace the stage as both a God and a demon and a toy mouse come to life. She’s very excited to be working with Cuckoo’s Theater Project for the first time.

Get to know Serina!

TCTP: What’s a guilty pleasure that you wish wasn’t considered one?

SJ: Honestly? I gave up guilty pleasures a couple of years ago. I was super tired of people making me feel bad for the things that I liked, so I stopped thinking of things as guilty pleasures. I openly love TV other people consider bad, like I will fully fight people about how good of a show Teen Wolf is. I happily listen to bubble gum/top 40s pop. It’s kind of freeing to just openly love things, you know?

TCTP: Have you already planned your dream wedding?

SJ: I’ve never planned the wedding ceremony/reception. But I fully have my outfit planned and ready. It’s going to be a white romper with a detachable tulle skirt, so I can have the whole dress look for the ceremony, and then when it’s time to party I get to dramatically rip off the skirt and I can dance and pee without worry. Also, open bar.

TCTP: When’s the last time you compromised on something?

SJ: I’m a very agreeable person, so if someone isn’t fully feeling plans we make, I am always willing to scale it back and figure out what everyone actually wants to do, even if I was super looking forward to the original plans.

TCTP: What’s something you’ve done for your health that you hate?

SJ: Running. I fully only believe you should run if something is chasing you or there is a dog that needs to be pet.

TCTP: Chocolate Martini or Vodka Tonic?

SJ: Well, I’m allergic to chocolate and Vodka turns me into Sad Bitch Serina™. But if I have to choose, I’d choose Sad Bitch Serina™ over stomach pains. Though if anyone wants to buy me a drink later, I drink Tequila & Sprite ;)

Check out Serina's work in THE CALORIE COUNTERS, running March 18 - April 20 at The Frontier. Get tickets here:

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