Meet the team of THE CALORIE COUNTERS - Zach Tabor (Charlie)

Zach Tabor is very excited to be performing his second show with TCTP. Especially a show with such a great message behind it. Past credits include AN ARTIST AND THE EMBER (Ember) (Underscore’s CMTF); SHE KILLS MONSTERS (Orcus) (TCTP); SEUSSICAL (Horton) (Big Noise Theatre). He would like to thank his friends and family for their continued support and Emily and their monster for being bright lights in his life.

Get to know Zach!

TCTP: What’s a guilty pleasure that you wish wasn’t considered one?

ZT: Dungeons and Dragons! It’s a storytelling medium that puts you in the story!

TCTP: Have you already planned your dream wedding?

ZT: That would be a no.

TCTP: When’s the last time you compromised on something?

ZT: Honestly, often. Being in a healthy relationship requires a lot of compromise and a willingness to work with one another.

TCTP: What’s something you’ve done for your health that you hate?

ZT: Exercise is the worst isn’t it?

TCTP: Chocolate Martini or Vodka Tonic?

ZT: Vodka tonic, if those are the choices. But I’m a whiskey neat kinda guy.

Check out Zach's work in THE CALORIE COUNTERS, running March 18 - April 20 at The Frontier. Get tickets here:

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