Meet the team of THE CALORIE COUNTERS - Marc James (Assistant Director/Sound Design)

Marc is the Artistic Director of TCTP. Some of his favorite credits include: SHEREK THE MUSICAL(Little Pig), SPRING AWAKENING(Dieter) (Surging Films and Theatrics); RENT (Gordon/Waiter/Squeegee Man) (Munroe Theater Guild); TICK TICK BOOM (Michael), BARE A POP OPERA (Peter), PETER/WENDY (Capt Hook/Mrs.Darling), THE GREEN BIRD (Renzo), THE TEMPEST (Ariel), THE 8 REINDEER MONOLOGUES (Hollywood) ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (Chester) (TCTP), SNOOPY THE MUSICAL (Linus) (Company On Stage), YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN (Schroder) (Playhouse 90), INTO THE WOODS(Jack)(Pasadena Little Theater); VIOLET (Virgil) (Dionysus Theater). Marc was a company member of Dionysus Theater in Texas for 2 years where he worked with Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story) in a production of VIOLET and YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN. Thanks to Bart, Rodi, Stich, Bella, and Issa for all your support. “It needs to be said and heard it’s ok to be who you are.” -Hailee Steinfield

Get to know Marc!

TCTP: What’s a guilty pleasure that you wish wasn’t considered one?

MJ: When I have a pint of Ice Cream I usually eat it all

TCTP: Have you already planned your dream wedding?

MJ: Why Yes a Dr Who Themed Wedding complete with a Lady Cassandra Puppet that will officiate the wedding

TCTP: When’s the last time you compromised on something?

MJ: Picking out Christmas gifts for my nieces

TCTP: What’s something you’ve done for your health that you hate?

MJ: I have recently had to go on meds for my pre diabetes and have had to start looking at what I was and working out

TCTP: Chocolate Martini or Vodka Tonic?

MJ: Neither I much rather a Vodka Cranberry better known as Cape Cod

Check out Marc's work in THE CALORIE COUNTERS, running March 18 - April 20 at The Frontier. Get tickets here:

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