Meet the team of THE CALORIE COUNTERS - Charlotte Lastra (Set Design)

Charlotte is a Chicago based multi-disciplinary designer and technician who is delighted to return to Cuckoo’s! Favorite credits include, THE WATER CHILDREN and MISSED OPPORTUNITIES (Scenic Design) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project), LAST DAYS OF THE COMMUNE and (NOT) ANOTHER DAY (Stage Manager)(Prop Theatre); STATEMENTS AFTER AN ARREST (Scenic Design)(Macalester College) as well as various jobs with Silk Road Rising, Steep Theatre and The Hypocrites. She also tries to impart some theatrical wisdom on middle schoolers as the technical director of Lab School’s after school theatre program.

Get to know Charlotte!

TCTP: What’s a guilty pleasure that you wish wasn’t considered one?

CL: Afternoon naps and eating chocolate chips directly from the bag.

TCTP: Have you already planned your dream wedding?

CL: No! I have a very small family and none of my friends are getting married anytime soon so weddings of any scale or style are a pretty alien idea to me. The idea of planning out “the big day” has never really been a concern for me.

TCTP: When’s the last time you compromised on something?

CL: I frequently agree to take the dog out on her evening walk in exchange for not having to do the dishes.

TCTP: What’s something you’ve done for your health that you hate?

CL: There was a period in college where I thought I’d “get into running” that lasted about two weeks.

TCTP: Chocolate Martini or Vodka Tonic?

CL: Exactly one (1) hard cider and I’ll be ready for bed in an hour or so.

Check out Charlotte's work in THE CALORIE COUNTERS, running March 18 - April 20 at The Frontier. Get tickets here:

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