Meet the team of THE CALORIE COUNTERS - Adriana Rodriguez (Assistant Stage Manager)

Adriana Rodriguez is a Chicago based techie by night, office assistant to lovely PR people by day. Favorite credits include ROYAL GAMBIT (Stage Manager), CABARET (Sound Engineer) (Ohio Wesleyan University); and MOBY DICK (Sound Intern) (Lookingglass Theatre Company). Fairly new to Chicago, she looks forward to working in tech when not teaching grown men how to print. She would like to thank her cat, Easton, for making sure her blacks look more like whites.

Get to know Adriana!

TCTP: What’s a guilty pleasure that you wish wasn’t considered one?

AR: Eating in bed, 100%

TCTP: Have you already planned your dream wedding?

AR: No, I should get on that. . .

TCTP: When’s the last time you compromised on something?

AR: I mean, I have a desk job and not a tech job so...

TCTP: What’s something you’ve done for your health that you hate?

AR: Lowered my cheese intake, meaning lowered my pizza intake. I really love pizza.

TCTP: Chocolate Martini or Vodka Tonic?

AR: Chocolate Martini

Check out Adriana's work in THE CALORIE COUNTERS, running March 18 - April 20 at The Frontier. Get tickets here:

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