Meet the team of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! - Lexi Saunders (Director)

Lexi Saunders (she/her/hers) is a queer director, performer, and teaching artist originally from Los Angeles with a BA in Theatre from UC San Diego. Her recent Chicago directing credits include POWER IN PRIDE (About Face), THE DEPARTURE (Haven Theatre), GROUNDED (Theater of Thought), FIFTY SHADES OF SHAKESPEARE ((re)discover theatre), SUPER (Mudlark Theater), EURYDICE (Jedlicka PAC) coming up this spring, and various other workshops and short plays at The Gift, Victory Gardens, 1MPF, 2nd Story, Something Marvelous, and Pride Films & Plays. She has assistant directed at Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, Steep, Oracle, and Jackalope, and was selected for Victory Gardens’ 2016 Directors Inclusion Initiative and Haven Theatre’s 2017 Directors Haven. Lexi is thrilled to be working with Jillian and Cuckoo’s, and is so thankful to this cast and creative team!

Get to know Lexi!

TCTP: Adam knows what snack to bring to any occasion. What's your go-to snack?

LS: Tortilla chips & salsa always.

TCTP: Is there a missed opportunity in your life?

LS: I wish I learned another language at a young age. My mom speaks Spanish and French fluently and tried to teach me every night as a kid but one day my 5 year old self told her I just wanted to “eat my dinner in peace”. I can understand Spanish okay but definitely missed my chance at learning to fully speaking it.

TCTP: Max and Jenna lie about their relationship all in the name of love (or wanting to get away from it.) What do you think is worth lying for?

LS: Honestly nothing. Except maybe free food.

TCTP: MISSED OPPORTUNITIES is a spin on classic romantic comedies. What's your favorite rom-com and why?

LS: Away We Go because I love Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski. It’s kinda sad for a rom-com but so beautifully written and directed.

TCTP: All four of our characters are just 20-somethings trying to live their lives and be adults. When do you most feel like you're adulting?

LS: Washing dishes right after I use them. Putting clothes away right afterI do laundry. Keeping my 2 year old bamboo plant alive. (Yes, I know bamboo plants can live through anything, let me have this.)

Check out Lexi's work in MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, running January 17 - February 16 at The Den. Get tickets here:

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