Meet the team of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! - Charlotte Lastra (Set/Props Design)

Charlotte is a Chicago based multi-disciplinary designer and technician who is delighted to return to Cuckoo’s! Favorite credits include, THE WATER CHILDREN (Scenic Design) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project), LAST DAYS OF THE COMMUNE and (NOT) ANOTHER DAY (Stage Manager)(Prop Thtr); STATEMENTS AFTER AN ARREST (Scenic Design)(Macalester College) as well as various jobs with Silk Road Rising, Steep Theatre and The Hypocrites. She also tries to impart some theatrical wisdom on middle schoolers as the technical director of Lab School’s after school theatre program.

Get to know Charlotte!

TCTP: Adam knows what snack to bring to any occasion. What's your go-to snack?

CL: Chex Mix if I want salty, Reese’s Pieces if I want sweet. But really any candy, I have the palette of a 10 year old.

TCTP: Is there a missed opportunity in your life?

CL: I think being overly shy and anxious, especially when I was young, stopped me from trying a lot of things or venturing outside of my comfort zone.

TCTP: Max and Jenna lie about their relationship all in the name of love (or wanting to get away from it.) What do you think is worth lying for?

CL: Probably only something small that would be more complicated to explain then to fib a little. Or maybe when you can lie by omission, just never mentioning something to avoid admitting it. I mean, neither is great...

TCTP: MISSED OPPORTUNITIES is a spin on classic romantic comedies. What's your favorite rom-com and why?

CL: Bend it Like Beckham! It’s so charming, has an unusual romcom storyline and far more diverse characters than you typically find in these movies. It was also my friend group’s go-to movie for sleepovers for along time.

TCTP: All four of our characters are just 20-somethings trying to live their lives and be adults. When do you most feel like you're adulting?

CL: Whenever I make a phone call.

Check out Charlotte's work in MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, running January 17 - February 16 at The Den. Get tickets here:

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