Meet the team of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! - Shannon Sotomayor (Max/Jenna U/S)

Shannon Sotomayor is a Chicago-based actor. Her favorite credits include EXPOSING ABRAHAM’S BOSOM (Mags) (Chicago Women’s Theatre Alliance), NAME ANNOUNCER (Announcer) (Museum of Contemporary Art), IN THE HEIGHTS (Carla) and HECUBA (Polymestor) (Brown University). She would like to thank her loving and supportive wife, Dylan, as well as the cast and crew.

Get to know Shannon!

TCTP: Adam knows what snack to bring to any occasion. What's your go-to snack?

SS: Goldfish!

TCTP: Is there a missed opportunity in your life?

SS: Nah

TCTP: Max and Jenna lie about their relationship all in the name of love (or wanting to get away from it.) What do you think is worth lying for?

SS: To be kind when brutal honesty isn’t required

TCTP: MISSED OPPORTUNITIES is a spin on classic romantic comedies. What's your favorite rom-com and why?

SS: Under the Tuscan Sun – it’s not so much a comedy, but it really focuses on the protagonist’s healing process rather than what is or is not in her life (success/significant other/stability). It shows a lot of self-love, with the addition of different loves as relationships develop.

TCTP: All four of our characters are just 20-somethings trying to live their lives and be adults. When do you most feel like you're adulting?

SS: Bills paid, fridge full

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, runs January 17 - February 16 at The Den. Get tickets here:

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