Meet the team of MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! - Xavier Lagunas (Sound Design)

Xavier is a Chicago based artist and is very excited to be returning with Cuckoo's as the Sound Designer for MISSED OPPORTUNITIES! His recent credits include EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN (Dandelion Theatre), COLLAGE OF A DYSTOPIAN MIDWEST and FRANKENSTEIN (Bower Ensemble), and ALL MIXED UP (Barely Concealed Productions). Xavier holds a Bachelor's of music from Ouachita Baptist University.

Get to know Xavier!

TCTP: Adam knows what snack to bring to any occasion. What's your go-to snack?

XL: My go to snack is a bag of baked Jalapeño chips or hot Cheeto's. Gotta love the spice.

TCTP: Is there a missed opportunity in your life?

XL: Once, I was given the opportunity to co-own, run, and manage a breakfast restaurant. I didn't take it. I still find myself daydreaming of an alternate universe where Xavier is a badass business owner. Maybe one day it'll come around again.

TCTP: Max and Jenna lie about their relationship all in the name of love (or wanting to get away from it.) What do you think is worth lying for?

XL: Love is worth lying for. I'd lie in a heartbeat if it meant giving someone hope or to keep them from hurting.

TCTP: MISSED OPPORTUNITIES is a spin on classic romantic comedies. What's your favorite rom-com and why?

XL: When Harry Met Sally

TCTP: All four of our characters are just 20-somethings trying to live their lives and be adults. When do you most feel like you're adulting?

XL: I finally got an in unit washer and dryer. I feel like the biggest adult having those.

Check out Xavier's work in MISSED OPPORTUNITIES running January 17 - February 16 at The Den. Get tickets here:

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