Meet the team of MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL - Peter Ruger (Headmistress/Ahab)

Peter Ruger is proud to be a Chicago performer and has had the privilege of participating in many wonderful shows with local companies including CHESS (Porchlight Music Theater), ANYTHING GOES (Music Theater Works), PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Music Theater Works), NEVERMORE: THE IMAGINARY LIFE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF EDGR ALLAN POE (Black Button Eyes Productions) and TICK, TICK…BOOM! (Cuckoo’s Theater Project).

Get to know Peter!

TCTP: What was your favorite show you were a part of in high school?

PR: I wasn’t an actor/singer in High School, but I had many awesome dramatic outbursts in youth group that are still talked about in hushed, reverent tones

TCTP: Have you actually read Moby Dick?

PR: Yes, but only if Moby=Harry and Dick=Potter

TCTP: What is a piece of classical literature you would love to see turned into a musical?

PR: I have a great idea for Where’s Waldo the Musical: One Man’s Journey to Being Found.

TCTP: Do you have a personal white whale? What is it? (Interpret how you wish.)

PR: According to google it’s illegal to own any sort of marine mammal. ...



...oh it’s a metaphor.

TCTP: What’s the most thrown together show you’ve ever done?

PR: I once was part of this fundraiser production of Rent where the producer was just a mess and was flying by the seat of his pants all the time to hold the show together with what was basically scotch tape. PS: The producer was me.

Check out Peter's work in MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL running October 29 - December 1 at Heartland Studio. Get tickets here:

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