Meet the team of MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL - Alexandra Cross (Esta)

Alexandra T. Cross is thrilled to be setting sail on the high seas with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project for the first time! She was most recently seen in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Hero) (CenterStage in Lake Forest). Some favorite Chicago credits include 1776 (Edward Rutledge) (E.D.G.E. of Orion Theatre); SHERLOCK HOLMES: ALMOST GOT HIM (Irene Adler) (Devonshire Playhouse); THE TEMPEST (Miranda) (Saint Sebastian Players); among others. She is a proud board member of Saint Sebastian Players and a troupe member with E.D.G.E. of Orion Theatre. For more information and upcoming projects, visit Alexandra would like to thank her family and friends for their constant support!

Get to know Alexandra!

TCTP: What was your favorite show you were a part of in high school?

AC: My favorite high school show has got to be Beauty and the Beast. I had the distinct privilege of playing Silly Girl #1 and 14 year old Alexandra had big braces which I purposely color coordinated with my costume, wore far too much make up, and was very much type cast in this role.

TCTP: Have you actually read Moby Dick?

AC: Well…..I had really good intentions….but….ummm……no. (DON’T TELL DONNY!)

TCTP: What is a piece of classical literature you would love to see turned into a musical?

AC: I learned two things while thinking about this answer. 1. I need to read more classic literature. 2. A lot of classic literature has been made into a musical. I have a lot of listening to do.

TCTP: Do you have a personal white whale? What is it? (Interpret how you wish.)

AC: My personal white whale is the art of social dancing. HOW DO YOU LOOK COOL DANCING?!

TCTP: What’s the most thrown together show you’ve ever done?

AC: In high school we did a production of “Leader of the Pack” and while we had plenty of rehearsals, once the show opened it truly took on a life of its own. Part way through one of my solos I completely forgot the lyrics, so I riffed around (in only the way an awkward 16 year old me can do) on the word “yeah” for a second, then simply walked offstage while the piano continued playing the song. The production was riddled with moments like this.

Check out Alexandra's work in MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL running October 29 - December 1 at Heartland Studio. Get tickets here:

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