Meet the team of MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL - Kelsey Skomer (Starbuck)

Kelsey Skomer is a Chicago based actor. She is thrilled to make her Chicago debut with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project! A proud alumnus of Ball State University, her favorite credits include JOHN AND JEN (Jen) and BOEING, BOEING (Gloria). She would like to thank her family and friends for their never-ending support, and the entire cast for all the laughs and new dance moves!

Get to know Kelsey!

TCTP: What was your favorite show you were a part of in high school?

KS: Oh this is a really tough one. I would have to say it’s a tie between“Beauty and the Beast” and “Almost, Maine” because that’s the play where I learned how to play Mao during rehearsals. Changed my gaming life.

TCTP: Have you actually read Moby Dick?

KS: As a huge book nerd this hurts me to say… but no, I have not read the book. I did listen to a podcast analysis of the book if that counts!

TCTP: What is a piece of classical literature you would love to see turned into a musical?

KS: I really want to see a “Lord of the Flies” musical, but after seeing the newest film adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451,” that’d be at the top of the list too.

TCTP: Do you have a personal white whale? What is it? (Interpret how you wish.)

KS: Probably sleep. I am always chasing after more sleep.

TCTP: What’s the most thrown together show you’ve ever done?

KS: Literally? My fellow seniors and I built our senior capstone show from the ground up (wrote, produced, marketed, acted, the works) and carted it to The Raven Theatre in Chicago last spring. It was called “You, Me, and that Thing Over There.” It is on YouTube. It was awesome.

Check out Kelsey's work in MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL running October 29 - December 1 at Heartland Studio. Get tickets here:

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