Meet the team of MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL - Melissa Golden (Assistant Director)

Melissa Golden is an actor, director, and stage manager from Chicago. She is always happy to be working as a Company Member with Cuckoo’s. Her favorite credits include WOMEN (Director) (TCTP), DISTRACTED (Vera) (TCTP) and SHE KILLS MONSTERS (Stage Manager) (TCTP). She is also greatly looking forward to directing TCTP’s production of THE CALORIE COUNTERS, a new work by Molly Wagner, later this season. She wants to thank her Cuckoo’s family for their continued support and the cast of MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL for being such a blast of a cast to see and work with.

Get to know Melissa!

TCTP: What was your favorite show you were a part of in high school?

MG: Despite not being a huge fan of the show itself, CATS was super fun to work on when I was in high school. We sure did have a time running around and being ridiculous in spandex.

TCTP: Have you actually read Moby Dick?

MG: Lol, no.

TCTP: What is a piece of classical literature you would love to see turned into a musical?

MG: Even though I’m kinda ready to start moving on from slave narratives for black representation, 12 Years a Slave would make an astounding musical. (Especially if it was written and directed by Ava Duvernay, with lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and composed by John Legend… clearly, I’ve thought about this once or twice before.)

TCTP: Do you have a personal white whale? What is it? (Interpret how you wish.)

MG: Yeah, my white whale is named depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. ha ha… ha

TCTP: What’s the most thrown together show you’ve ever done?

MG: Well, I worked on an original musical called All the World’s a Stage at Quest Theatre Ensemble that was quite literally being written as we were rehearsing it since it was based on the real lives of our actors, so… that. It came together quite beautifully though.

Check out Melissa's work in MOBY DICK! THE MUSICAL running October 29 - December 1 at Heartland Studio. Get tickets here:

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