Meet the team of BARBECUE APOCALYPSE - Kyle Burch (Mike)

Kyle is beyond excited to be making his Cuckoo Theater Project premier. He is a newly Chicago based actor, after having received his BFA in Acting from Central Michigan University and acting professionally for three years across the Midwest. He most recent Chicago performance was in AS YOU LIKE IT (Charles/William)(Eclectic Full Contact Theatre), and some of his favorite regional credits include SEUSSICAL (Horton the Elephant)(Festival 56), COMEDY OF ERRORS (Duke/Angelo/Nell)(Festival 56), I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE (Man #1)(Snug Theatre), THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (Jekyll/Hyde)(Howmet Playhouse), WILLY WONKA (Mrs. Gloop) (Riverbank Theatre), ALL MY SONS (Frank Lubey) (Snug Theatre) and many others. As always he wants to thank his friends and family for their love and unending support. Enjoy the show!

Get to know Kyle!

TCTP: What is your weapon of choice in the apocalypse?

KB: Weapon of choice would be a spear, good for throwing, stabbing, and killing zombie brains

TCTP: What’s your signature dish that you bring to barbecues?

KB: My signature dish ranges from black bean burgers with homemade avocado spread, to baked apples, to store bought chips depending on my laziness lol

TCTP: Which character in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE are you actually most like?

KB: I'm really not very far off base from Mike. We are both nerdy guys who really just want to appreciated for their art and make people happy.

TCTP: What’s your favorite end of the world movie and/or book?

KB: Favorite end of the world movie would have to be This is the End, the Seth Rogan movie

TCTP: What kind of apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, environmental, etc.) would you survive the longest in?

KB: I feel like I would last longest in a zombie apocalypse because at least the threat is tangible in that scenario. Unless its the 28 days later zombies that run really fast, then i'm fucked haha

Check out Kyle's work in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE running 18 - July 21 at Prop Thtr.

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