Meet the team of BARBECUE APOCALYPSE - Felix Abidor (Win)

Felix is happy to be making his Chicago theatre debut. A native of Arizona, he recently graduated from The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in rainy Northern California. Favorite credits include ROMEO AND JULET (Mercutio) (Southwest Shakespeare), WHEN THE RAIN STOPS FALLING (Gabriel) (Dragon Theatre) and EQUUS (Martin Dysart) (Freeks Theatre Collective). Felix enjoys cheese and honey.

Get to know Felix!

TCTP: What is your weapon of choice in the apocalypse?

FA: Katana. Obviously.

TCTP: What’s your signature dish that you bring to barbecues?

FA: Lentil Stew

TCTP: Which character in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE are you actually most like?

FA: The Raccoon

TCTP: What’s your favorite end of the world movie and/or book?


TCTP: What kind of apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, environmental, etc.) would you survive the longest in?

FA: Well I’ve been doing pretty well in our current one, so I’m just going to keep on trucking!

Check out Felix's work in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE running 18 - July 21 at Prop Thtr.

Get tickets here:

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