Meet the team of BARBECUE APOCALYPSE - Oriana Dentici (Sound Design)

Oriana is a Chicago based Stage Manager, lighting and sound designer/technician, and all around not-actor person. Past credits with TCTP include: ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (Lighting Designer), BARE (Lighting Designer), LANGUAGE OF ANGELS (Stage Manager), THE WATER CHILDREN (Stage Manager), TICK TICK…BOOM! (Stage Manager). Oriana enjoys biking and attending concerts in her free time when she isn’t taking a nap or working on a show. She thanks her dad, Tom, for the letters to Sasquatch, and her cats, Khoshekh and Minerva, for a bed full of cat toys.

Get to know Oriana!

TCTP: What is your weapon of choice in the apocalypse?

OD: That bat thing that Negan had I guess?

TCTP: What’s your signature dish that you bring to barbecues?

OD: Pasta salad

TCTP: Which character in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE are you actually most like?

OD: Deb, I’d MacGyver the shit out of everything.

TCTP: What’s your favorite end of the world movie and/or book?

OD: Shaun of the Dead or Game of Thrones (have you seen the White Walkers?) This is one genre of entertainment I’ve never found myself getting into and my knowledge on this topic is sorely lacking. Don’t bring me along to your end of the world themed bar trivia night.

TCTP: What kind of apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, environmental, etc.) would you survive the longest in?

OD: The one with Simon Pegg? Is that an ok answer?

Check out Oriana's work in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE running 18 - July 21 at Prop Thtr.

Get tickets here:

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