Meet the team of BARBECUE APOCALYPSE - Seamus McMahon (Win/Ash U/S)

Seamus McMahon is excited to return for a second round with TCTP, where he first performed as JB in LANGUAGE OF ANGELS last year. Other Chicago credits include A STEAMPUNK CHRISTMAS CAROL (The EDGE Theatre), GREAT EXPECTATIONS and A FESTIVAL OF JEWISH STORIES (Piven Theatre). He would like to thank Marc and the cast and crew for another wonderful time, and is ever thankful for his family, Annie, Stewart Talent, and friends for their continual support and making him feel like one lucky dude!

Get to know Seamus!

TCTP: What is your weapon of choice in the apocalypse?

SM: A Two handed Double Edged Sword. Just as the apocalypse itself is double edged. Sure, you can run around take all the Twinkies you want, but eventually you will run out of Twinkies since they’d be no longer made.

TCTP: What’s your signature dish that you bring to barbecues?

SM: I definitely love making homemade cheeseburgers. I love cutting up onions, mixing in with the ground beef and an egg for glue, and then putting the patties on the grill. Cheddar cheese would be my go to—and if I’m lucky, a pretzel bun! Side dish, I’d say a family recipe taco dip. I know, don’t trust an Irish made taco dip, but it goes quick.

TCTP: Which character in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE are you actually most like?

SM: Well, I think it would be a problem if I felt like I was a Win! I would say I am more of a Mike. Passionate about things that might not make the most money, probably can’t tell the difference between plants. A deck I built would probably fall a part but I would try. I will say though I do find myself Ash-like in looking up things on my phone for sake of conversation or learning about different things. Millennials am I right?

TCTP: What’s your favorite end of the world movie and/or book?

SM: I would say my favorite apocalyptic movie would be This is the End with Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Co. It’s hilarious and just crazy! Mad Max Fury Road was super fun to watch as well—though I don’t I’d like living in that world!

TCTP: What kind of apocalypse (zombie, nuclear, environmental, etc.) would you survive the longest in?

SM: That’s a toughie. This is dark, but I would say a mass infertility apocalypse because yeah, humanity would go bye bye but that wouldn’t affect things like food getting scarce, fighting people, or land becoming radioactive. Just grow old, not have kids, but, you’d for sure live longer than some of the other ones!

Check out Seamus's work in BARBECUE APOCALYPSE running 18 - July 21 at Prop Thtr.

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