Meet the team of SHE KILLS MONSTERS - Graham Carlson (Miles)

Graham Carlson is a graduate of The ACADEMY at Black Box Acting, where he is currently an instructor. Recent favorite credits include FIVE MILE LAKE (Jamie, u.s.) (Shattered Globe Theatre); CLYBOURN PARK (Karl-Steve) (Open Door Theatre); A WINTER’S TALE (Polixenes) (Fury Theatre); and ELECTION (Ben, reading) (Our Perspective: Asian American Play Readings). Graham is represented by BMG Models & Talent.

Get to know Graham!

TCTP: What’s your nerdy guilty pleasure/What’s your fandom?

GC: I play more video games than I should really admit here! I recently got really into horror movies and it doesn’t particularly matter if they are good or bad, in fact I think the bad ones are often even more fun!

TCTP: What clique were you in in high school?

GC: I was not a theatre kid in high school but looking back I must admit I would mostly hang out with theatre kids!

TCTP: What secret did you have as a 15 year old?

GC: Not a secret to those who really knew me, but when I was fifteen I really wanted to drop out of high school to be a ballet dancer.

TCTP: If you had a month to live, what would you do?

GC: I would go to Japan. I’ve always wanted to wander the islands and eat all of the things.

TCTP: Who would you play as? Demon queen, dark elf, half orc wizard, or rogue gnome?

GC: Half-orc wizard speaks to me the most. If I’m playing DnD, I want magical powers, because otherwise what’s the point, you know? Also, orcs will eat ANYTHING and I identify with that!

Check out Graham's work in SHE KILLS MONSTERS, running March 16 - April 21 at Prop Thtr.

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