Meet the team of SHE KILLS MONSTERS - Liz Lengyel (Evil Gabbi/Ensemble)

Liz is a recent graduate of The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University (CCPA), where she received her BFA in Acting. Her favorite credits include MUTINY (Jenny) (Chicago Fringe Festival 2016), SHE KILLS MONSTERS (Evil Tina) and LEGALLY BLONDE (Pilar) (CCPA). She is so excited to return to the world of D&D, but this time with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project! A big, loving shoutout to her amazing family and boyfriend for putting up with her on a daily basis.

Get to know Liz!

TCTP: What’s your nerdy guilty pleasure/What’s your fandom?

LL: I am unhealthy obsessed with reality tv!!

TCTP: What clique were you in in high school?

LL: Theatre nerds fo sho

TCTP: What secret did you have as a 15 year old?

LL: I would secretly eat Doritos for breakfast every morning

TCTP: If you had a month to live, what would you do?

LL: Take my family, dog, and boyfriend to The Cayman Islands and spend every day at the beach

TCTP: Who would you play as? Demon queen, dark elf, half orc wizard, or rogue gnome?


Check out Liz's work in SHE KILLS MONSTERS, running March 16 - April 21 at Prop Thtr.

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