Meet the team of SHE KILLS MONSTERS - Joan Pritchard (Costume Design)

Joan designed the costumes for season 3’s WOMEN. Enticed by the title and subject of this play, she is pleased to be back, creating and collaborating with the talented folks at TCTP. She was a proud company member and costume designer in residence at the Jeff award winning Oracle Theater, for over 10 years. Some of her favorite designs include, THE HAIRY APE, THE MOTHER, THE AMERICA PLAY, THE JUNGLE, THE GHOST SONATA, and so many more. She sits on the Board of Directors for an amazing NFP “ Chicago Arts Access” Partnering and connecting audiences to art in Chicago with free tickets and accessibility services. Https:// Big thanks to David for 40+ years of love and to Tyler for her support and cast-offs!!

Get to know Joan!

TCTP: What’s your nerdy guilty pleasure/What’s your fandom?

JP: My nerdy, guilty pleasure has always been all things “Wizard of Oz”, movie, books, etc. Ask her any questions you can think of...she is an Ozmaniac 👠🌈

TCTP: What clique were you in in high school?

JP: theater kids...of course

TCTP: If you had a month to live, what would you do?

JP: If I had one month left: spend as much time as possible with family, I would drink a lot of really good red wine, have some wonderful shared meals and be grateful for all my blessings.

TCTP: Who would you play as? Demon queen, dark elf, half orc wizard, or rogue gnome?

JP: I would LOVE to play as a Demon QUEEN!!

Check out Joan's work in SHE KILLS MONSTERS, running March 16 - April 21 at Prop Thtr.

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