Meet the team of TICK, TICK...BOOM! - Molly LeCaptain (Susan)

Molly LeCaptain is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, currently living and working in Chicago. Previous credits include BULLETS OVER BROADWAY (Ensemble) (NightBlue Performing Arts); STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL (Juice Beyers,) (Random Acts); BARNEY THE ELF (Cookie the Elf) (The Other Theatre Company); GEFILTE FISH CHRONICLES (Pearlie Dubroff)(Chicago Musical Theatre Festival); AVENUE Q (Kate Monster), BOEING BOEING (Gretchen), RENT (Mimi), and THE RAINMAKER (Lizzie Currie) (Crossroads Repertory Theatre); A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Ghost of Christmas Present)(Quest Theatre Ensemble). Molly also sings in an all-female a cappella trio, The Lakeshore Dolls. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Megan, Justin, and Andrew for keeping my feet on the ground.

Get to know Molly!

TCTP: Jonathan Larson also wrote RENT. What’s your go to RENT song to belt when you’re alone?

ML: My fave RENT song to belt out is "Goodbye Love" - I did RENT a few years ago and now I just love to sing it in Daphne Ruben-Vega's raspy, sexy voice. I will sing it when I'm alone or in a crowd of people #sorrynotsorry

TCTP: The main conflict of the show is dealing with not accomplishing what you thought you would. Have you ever struggled with that?

ML: I identify with both Susan and Jon in this show - Jon is about to turn 30 and he's questioning his life's path and wondering if he's done anything or will do anything of worth if he keeps going down that path, and today is actually my 30th birthday as I'm writing this, so I feel you Jon. As for Susan, I know that my biological clock is starting to tick, and you have to ask yourself, which is more important: your career, or settling down? Why can't we have both? Can we have both? These are the things that will surely keep me up at night now that I'm in my 30s.

TCTP: What’s your favorite lyric in the show?

ML: My favorite lyric in the show is: "Why can't you stay 29? Hell, you still feel like you're 22."

TCTP: Susan doesn’t love being a dance teacher and John doesn’t love working at a diner, while Michael eventually gave up the arts for corporate America. What’s your relationship with your survival job?

ML: I work customer service for a high end home furnishings wholesaler. It's not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but the company itself is pretty great - they've provided me with creative opportunities utilizing my writing skills, and they're really flexible with my acting life when I need to take off for auditions or go do summer stock. So I certainly can't complain about that.

TCTP: Jon is ashamed of his Twinkie obsession. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

ML: Guilty Pleasure: 90's nostalgia. I know at this point it's not a very "guilty" pleasure because most people do love the 90's, but I could listen to the Spice Girls Pandora station all day (and often do).

Come see Molly's work in TICK, TICK...BOOM!, running November 17 - December 16 at Prop Thtr.

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