Meet the team of TICK, TICK...BOOM! - Sussie Piril (Assistant Stage Manager)

Sussie is the assistant company manager for TCTP and she is very excited to be working on the new production TICK, TICK...BOOM! She has previously stage managed productions for TCTP. She is looking forward to assistant stage managing TICK, TICK...BOOM!, and working on future Cuckoo's Productions! Big Thanks to her family, and friends for always supporting and encouraging her throughout the years. Also shout out to Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Addison (Sussie's 3 lovely dogs)

Get to know Sussie!

TCTP: Jonathan Larson also wrote RENT. What’s your go to RENT song to belt when you’re alone?

SP: Pfft! That’s easy, Seasons of love! How else would I know how many minutes are in a year?

TCTP: The main conflict of the show is dealing with not accomplishing what you thought you would. Have you ever struggled with that?

SP: Of course! Best advice I can give anyone about this, no matter what you do, have fun because when you look back on things you’ll realize that you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to, but you accomplished what you needed to and you had fun doing it.

TCTP: What’s your favorite lyric in the show?

SP: I enjoy all the lyrics in the song Therapy. I think it’s such a fun song to hear and sing along to.

TCTP: Susan doesn’t love being a dance teacher and John doesn’t love working at a diner, while Michael eventually gave up the arts for corporate America. What’s your relationship with your survival job?

SP: Oh boy! It’s not what I want to be doing but it keeps a roof over my head and food on the table. The struggle is real but I’m reaching for the stars :)

TCTP: John is ashamed of his Twinkie obsession. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

SP: Burritos..... lots and lots of burritos!

Come see Sussie's work in TICK, TICK...BOOM!, running November 17 - December 16 at Prop Thtr.

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