Meet the team of TICK, TICK...BOOM! - Peter Ruger (Michael U/S)

Peter Ruger, who proudly hails from Chicago (well, Oak Park...), is thrilled to have the chance to play Michael, which has been one of his dream roles since he first saw the show at the age of 20. He was last scene in Music for Theater Chicago’s production of THE WILD PARTY where he played the role of Max.

Get to know Peter!

TCTP: Jonathan Larson also wrote RENT. What’s your go to RENT song to belt when you’re alone?

PR: What You Own (the Mark part)

TCTP: The main conflict of the show is dealing with not accomplishing what you thought you would. Have you ever struggled with that?

PR: Only in the professional/personal/dating/financial/dieting/anything that Oprah says is important portions of my life.

TCTP: What’s your favorite lyric in the show?

PR: At least you're not alone, your friends are there too...

TCTP: Susan doesn’t love being a dance teacher and John doesn’t love working at a diner, while Michael eventually gave up the arts for corporate America. What’s your relationship with your survival job?

PR: I started my muggle job as a temp and refused to sign on full time for a whole year because I didn't like the idea of it. One day the CFO called me into his office and was like "look, we get it, Accounts Payable isn't what you want to do. But we'd rather pay you a lot more money rather than paying your temp agency so if you work for us we promise that you can keep singing and if you win American Idol we won't be mad when you quit." I signed the contract immediately. Still haven't won American Idol though...

TCTP: John is ashamed of his Twinkie obsession. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

PR: Glee. Yes, even after season 3.

Come see Peter and the rest of the cast of TICK, TICK...BOOM!, running November 17 - December 16 at Prop Thtr.

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