Meet the team of DISTRACTED - Francesca Atian (Dr. Zavala/Waitress/Carolyn)

Francesca Atian is thrilled to be working on this amazing production as a proud company member of the Cuckoo’s family! She is an actor and theatre technician based in Chicago. Her latest work was featured in AMERICAN HWANGAP (Esther Chun, understudy) (A-Squared Theatre and Halcyon Theatre), WOMEN (Amy March) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project), and TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT (Dormouse) (Idle Muse Athena Festival). She has also appeared in COSMIC QUEST: MISSION DISCOVER, a live interactive game currently playing at the Kennedy Space Center. Recent tech credits include STOP KISS (Lighting Designer) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project), FAREWELL MY FRIEND (Assistant Stage Manager) ((re)discover theatre), and PETER/WENDY (Lighting Designer) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project). Enjoy the show!

Get to know Francesca!

TCTP: Jesse gets in trouble a lot at school. Were you a troublemaker as a kid?

FA: Definitely not. I was such a rule follower that I lived life so cautiously and feared anyone in authority.

TCTP: This is a show where characters (and the actors themselves) break the fourth wall. How do you feel about breaking the fourth wall, when you're working on a show? How about as an audience member?

FA: Personally, I am not a fan. As an artist, I know the significance of breaking the fourth wall, but I am so anxious and awkward that I would not be able to handle all of that pressure.

TCTP: What distracts you?

FA: My phone

TCTP: In the play Mama has a big decision to make about Jesse’s future. what kind of decision maker are you? You do research? Make a pro-con list? Trust your gut? Something entirely different?

FA: My decision-making process is a mix of trusting my gut and researching the outcome of my decision. I tend to overthink things a lot (like, literally everyone does), so I have trust my gut to avoid settling for something lesser.

TCTP: Jesse loves rap. His parents don't love that he loves rap. What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

FA: I had three older siblings, so I basically listened to whatever they listened to (pop punk, alternative rock, emo, rap). My parents didn’t necessarily approve, but they also didn’t disapprove. So, a win for the kids.

Come see Francesca and the rest of the cast of DISTRACTED, running September 8 - October 7 at Prop Thtr.

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