Meet the team of DISTRACTED - Sussie Piril (Stage Manager)

Sussie is the assistant company manager for TCTP and she is very excited to be working on the new production DISTRACTED. She has previously stage managed a few productions for TCTP (THE LOST BOY, PETER/WENDY, and DANGEROUS). She is looking forward to stage managing DISTRACTED, and working on future Cuckoo's Productions! Big Thanks to her family and friends for always supporting and encouraging her throughout the years. Also, shoutout to Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Addison (Sussie's 3 lovely dogs)

Get to know Sussie!

TCTP: Jesse gets in trouble a lot at school. Were you a troublemaker as a kid?

SP: I didn't get into a lot of trouble in grammar school because I was a very shy kid and didn't talk much. That all changed in High School. I discovered that I loved to talk and because of that, I also discovered Detention. I guess teachers didn't appreciate that I outgrew my shyness lol

TCTP: This is a show where characters (and the actors themselves) break the fourth wall. How do you feel about breaking the fourth wall, when you're working on a show? How about as an audience member?

SP: I think it’s cool when actors break the fourth wall, and I'm working backstage or doing something for the show. Its cool to see what the audience makes of it and what new and different vibe they bring every night.

TCTP: What distracts you?

SP: Honestly, everything distracts me. Dogs, Shoes, Guys, Dogs, Clothes, Makeup, Dogs, Cars, Movies, Life, Did I mention Dogs?

TCTP: In the play Mama has a big decision to make about Jesse’s future. what kind of decision maker are you? You do research? Make a pro-con list? Trust your gut? Something entirely different?

SP: I am definitely a “Trust your gut” decision maker. Which is good because I make decisions fast and it makes me experience new things, but It’s also bad because i don't think things through and for the most part, it’s fine but I've made a few bad decisions that I am not very happy about. Oh well, YOLO (do people still say this?)

TCTP: Jesse loves rap. His parents don't love that he loves rap. What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

SP: As a kid, I enjoyed whatever was on the radio, so Ashanti, and Missy Elliot, Britney, Christina, etc. My parents didn't care much for it. Flash-forward to my teenage years, I discovered the genre“Screamo” Let’s just say, my parents prayed every night for me haha.

Come see Sussie's work in DISTRACTED, running September 8 - October 7 at Prop Thtr.

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