Meet the team of DISTRACTED - Jackie McCollough (Assistant Stage Manager)

Jackie McCollough is a current student at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Arts Management. She primarily works in theatre administration and development, but is thrilled to be an assistant stage manager for the first time! Jackie loves traveling for her work and finding new ways to save the environment.

Get to know Jackie!

TCTP: Jesse gets in trouble a lot at school. Were you a troublemaker as a kid?

JM: I was always really good at doing things I wasn’t supposed to do, yet always avoiding getting in any actual trouble.

TCTP: This is a show where characters (and the actors themselves) break the fourth wall. How do you feel about breaking the fourth wall, when you're working on a show? How about as an audience member?

JM: I have always been a big fan of breaking the fourth wall, but I also feel like it must be done in the right way. It can help bring the audience into the script and make them more emotionally involved, but you also don’t want to overdo it. I think Distracted has the perfect balance of the two and really helps to tie the audience into the lives of this family.

TCTP: What distracts you?

JM: I am distracted by cooking big dinners, looking up things that don’t matter on Google, and dogs.

TCTP: In the play Mama has a big decision to make about Jesse’s future. what kind of decision maker are you? You do research? Make a pro-con list? Trust your gut? Something entirely different?

JM: I typically trust my gut. I’ve got a pretty good track record with that, but for something really tough I like to make a pros and cons list.

TCTP: Jesse loves rap. His parents don't love that he loves rap. What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

JM: Depending on the age I was at the time, I listened to a collection of pop hits, GreenDay, screamo, Hillary Duff, and rap. My parents hated all of it.

Come see Jackie's work in DISTRACTED, running September 8 - October 7 at Prop Thtr.

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