Meet the team of DISTRACTED - Bryan Tims (Sound/Video Design)

Bryan is a Chicago based Designer. His sound design credits include THE FAIRYTALE LIVES OF RUSSIAN GIRLS, THE HEIDI CHRONICLES, LANGUAGE OF ANGELS and THE WATER CHILDREN (TCTP). He is happy to be working with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project on another great show and gives thanks to his friends, family, his amazing and supportive girlfriend Sara, and Marc and Bart.

Get to know Bryan!

TCTP: Jesse gets in trouble a lot at school. Were you a troublemaker as a kid?

BT: My older brothers usually stole the show on being troublemakers. Though there was this one time I had to go to a scared straight program in Detroit. It is a long and embarrassing story involving teenagers, 9/11, overzealous cops, and alpacas. Ask me about it one day.

TCTP: This is a show where characters (and the actors themselves) break the fourth wall. How do you feel about breaking the fourth wall, when you're working on a show? How about as an audience member?

BT: I appreciate shows that break the fourth wall, ever since Zach Morris talked to the camera in Saved by the Bell.

TCTP: What distracts you?

BT: My mind wanders which leads me from working on a project to googling an obscure comedy skit or animated movie from the 90s and the next thing I know it's 10 pm. After reading the script for Distracted and seeing a rehearsal I think I might have some form of ADHD.

TCTP: In the play Mama has a big decision to make about Jesse’s future. what kind of decision maker are you? You do research? Make a pro-con list? Trust your gut? Something entirely different?

BT: When I need to make a decision I usually do research and reach out to the people currently around me for their opinions.

TCTP: Jesse loves rap. His parents don't love that he loves rap. What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

BT: Being the youngest of four kids has its advantages, my parents were pretty much cool with anything. Though I did get some weird looks when I was listening to stuff from Japanese Anime soundtracks, like the Pillows or Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

Come see Bryan's work in DISTRACTED, running September 8 - October 7 at Prop Thtr.

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