Meet the team of THE WATER CHILDREN - Sussie Piril (Assistant Director)

Sussie is the assistant company manager for TCTP and she is very excited to be working on THE WATER CHILDREN. She has previously stage managed a few productions for TCTP (THE LOST BOY, PETER/WENDY, and DANGEROUS). This is her first time Assistant Directing, and she is excited to work on future Cuckoo's Productions! Big Thanks to her family, and friends for always supporting and encouraging her throughout the years. Also shoutout to Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Addison (Sussie's 3 lovely dogs)

Get to know Sussie! :

TCTP: In the play, Megan learns about Japanese Mizuko shrines. What is one of your favorite myth/story/belief from another culture or religion?

SP: The only ones I can think of are scary ones. In Guatemala (and pretty much every Hispanic country) there is a famous myth about "La llorona" which translates to "the cryer". A lady basically murdered her kids and roams around at night crying for her children. So now every Latina mom uses that story to make her children behave If not, "La llorona is going to take you" (never mess with a Hispanic mother)

TCTP: There are multiple times in The Water Children when Megan is at a loss with what to or where to go. Have you ever felt lost or adrift?

SP: Can I say everyday of my life?

TCTP: Every character in this play shares their opinion and gives advice, whether it's asked for or not. Do people often come to you for advice? Or are you the one who seeks advice?

SP: Depends on what they want advice for or what I want advice for. Usually my friends are a good therapy support system. We're always there for each other.

TCTP: Forgiveness is a major theme of The Water Children. When is a time you had to forgive, whether it was another person or yourself?

SP: One time, my puppy addison decided to chew my favorite shoe. i was really mad but I forgave her. Life is too short to hold grudges, you gotta love and forgive to live a happy life.

TCTP: The play kicks off with Megan taking an acting gig that she is not exactly thrilled about. What’s a terrible job you had to take, theatre related or otherwise?

SP: I worked in a haunted house as a swamp monster. Sounds like a cool job, except I’m terrified of anything scary. Especially haunted houses. Even though i was behind the scenes, I was still terrified to go to work. I only did it because my crush worked there, but he quit on the first day. ugh!

Come see Sussie's work in The Water Children, running June 10 - July 8 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

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