Meet the team of THE WATER CHILDREN - Patrick Ruetschlin (Dad/Jim)

Patrick is pleased to be back with Cuckoo's. He was last scene covering the role of Det. Cole in their recent production of STOP KISS. Past Chicago credits include EUGENE (Count Restaud)(On the Spot Theatre), WHEN ANGELS WEPT (George) (New Lincoln Theatre) and ZOMBIE SEINFELD (Newman) (Gorilla Tango). Patrick originally hails from Bloomington IN and is a graduate of The Gaiety School in Dublin Ireland. He would like to thank his amazing wife Anna for her love and support.

Get to know Patrick! :

TCTP: In the play, Megan learns about Japanese Mizuko shrines. What is one of your favorite myth/story/belief from another culture or religion?

PR: One of my favorite stories from folklore is about the boy who left home to learn to learn what gear was. It is an old germanic tale about learning about one's morality and what is important in life, such as love. I highly recommended the version shown in Jim Henson's The Storyteller.

TCTP: Every character in this play shares their opinion and gives advice, whether it's asked for or not. Do people often come to you for advice? Or are you the one who seeks advice?

PR: Honestly, I don't often seek advice from many people. I would say that my wife and I are supportive partners, so we do talk things out with each other, fairly equally.

TCTP: Forgiveness is a major theme of The Water Children. When is a time you had to forgive, whether it was another person or yourself?

PR: All I will say about this one is that I am the youngest of four, with three older sisters. we have all done some $h!t to each other that we have had to forgive, otherwise the holidays would be tense.

TCTP: The play kicks off with Megan taking an acting gig that she is not exactly thrilled about. What’s a terrible job you had to take, theatre related or otherwise?

PR: Worst job ever was working at Party City during halloween, cause every single person I met associated with that job, co workers and customers, were the worst people I ever met.

Come see Patrick and the rest of the cast of The Water Children, running June 10 - July 8 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

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