Meet the team of THE WATER CHILDREN - Michael Joseph (Lighting Design)

Michael Joseph is a Columbia College Chicago graduate (16’) with a degree in Theatre Design. Previous shows were TEDx TALK, LANGUAGE OF ANGELS, and ANON(YMOUS). This is Michael’s fourth show with Cuckoo’s Theater Project and third in the season. Cuckoo’s Theater has given him a chance to shine and he thanks them for letting him feel like part of the family. If you would like to see more of Michael Joseph’s designs, please visit

Get to know Michael! :

TCTP: In the play, Megan learns about Japanese Mizuko shrines. What is one of your favorite myth/story/belief from another culture or religion?

MJ: The Mango Tree. It’s a Jamaican story about a boy who steal mangos and finds out how bad stealing is.

TCTP: There are multiple times in The Water Children when Megan is at a loss with what to or where to go. Have you ever felt lost or adrift?

MJ: I feel that all the time. Being 23 years old, so many things come to light that you as a person begin to question things and soon you feel lost. It’s always great to remember that they’re people to lead you back on track when the time comes.

TCTP: Every character in this play shares their opinion and gives advice, whether it's asked for or not. Do people often come to you for advice? Or are you the one who seeks advice?

MJ: It goes both ways. I always ask my parents and my girlfriend for advice and I have had friends ask me for advice.

TCTP: Forgiveness is a major theme of The Water Children. When is a time you had to forgive, whether it was another person or yourself?

MJ: I forgive myself all the time. It’s a great way to tell yourself that you are human. As humans, we all make mistakes. However, it’s when we forgive ourselves and learn from our mistakes, its only then we can learn and grow.

TCTP: The play kicks off with Megan taking an acting gig that she is not exactly thrilled about. What’s a terrible job you had to take, theatre related or otherwise?

MJ: I will say I never really had a terrible job. While there were jobs that I wasn’t happy with, I still learned a lot from each job I worked and it crafted me into the person I am.

Come see Michael's work in The Water Children, running June 10 - July 8 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

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