Meet the team of THE WATER CHILDREN - Ashley Greenwood (Female U/S)

Ashley Greenwood is a recent graduate of Ball State University, where she earned a BFA in Acting. Her favorite theatre credits include ALIAS GRACE, OKLAHOMA!, and THE CRUCIBLE (Ball State University). She would like to thank her friends and family for their constant love and support. She would also like to thank the cast and crew of THE WATER CHILDREN for letting her be a part of such a profound and wonderful show.

Get to know Ashley! :

TCTP: In the play, Megan learns about Japanese Mizuko shrines. What is one of your favorite myth/story/belief from another culture or religion?

AG: I think it’s really cool how one culture can view an animal as a symbol of good luck, but another culture can view it as a symbol of bad luck. In the U.S., we view the raven as a symbol of death and bad luck, but that is not true for all cultures. My favorite mythological story is about how the raven’s feathers became black, according to the Greeks. In Greek mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy. They are said to be a symbol of good luck, and were the god's messengers in the mortal world. According to the story, Apollo sent a white raven, or crow to spy on his lover, Coronis. When the raven brought back the news that Coronis had been unfaithful to him, Apollo scorched the raven in his fury, turning the animal's feathers black. That's why all ravens are black today.

TCTP: There are multiple times in The Water Children when Megan is at a loss with what to or where to go. Have you ever felt lost or adrift?

AG: I have definitely felt lost/ adrift. I just graduated college, and I have no idea what is going to happen next in my life. I don’t know where I will be two to five years from now, or what I will be doing to support myself. The unknown can be scary and daunting, which definitely gives you a feeling of being lost.

TCTP: Every character in this play shares their opinion and gives advice, whether it's asked for or not. Do people often come to you for advice? Or are you the one who seeks advice?

AG: I would say that people come to me for advice as much as I seek advice. It’s pretty equal! My little sister comes to me for advice all the time, and so does my boyfriend. If I have a problem or need some help, I feel that I can go to them with whatever I need as well. It’s a really nice balance.

TCTP: Forgiveness is a major theme of The Water Children. When is a time you had to forgive, whether it was another person or yourself?

AG: I broke up with a guy a couple years ago, and it did not end on good terms. We had not spoken to each other in two years, but this year, we happened to run into each other, we said hello and started chatting. During the conversation, we both ended up apologizing for our behavior in the relationship, and we forgave each other. We clearly both felt badly about how we both had acted in the relationship, and needed to get it off of our chests. We left on good terms. Though we do not speak, I think it was really good for us to come to a resolution in that moment, and forgive each other and ourselves.

TCTP: The play kicks off with Megan taking an acting gig that she is not exactly thrilled about. What’s a terrible job you had to take, theatre related or otherwise?

AG: The worst job I ever had was working at a museum in Muncie, Indiana called Minnetrista. I had two jobs there. One was doing travelling children’s theatre, and the other was working the front desk, selling tickets, and conducting tours of the museum. I loved doing travelling children’s theatre there. That job was not a problem. The problem was that I took on that second job working the front desk, selling tickets, and conducting tours in order to make more money. I never had a free hour to myself because I took on that second job, and that boss was passive aggressive in the way she spoke, which really bugged me. She also would schedule me for long shifts on days when I had two shows for the travelling children’s theatre, even though she said she would take into account when I had shows. She had my show schedule. Once, I had a show in which I had to leave at 5am to get to a place 3 hours away. She scheduled me for a double shift as soon as I got back from that show and was disappointed in me when I was not “peppy” enough as I worked the front desk.

Come see Ashley and the rest of the cast of The Water Children, running June 10 - July 8 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

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