Meet the team of STOP KISS - Melissa Golden (Assistant Director/Stage Manager)

Melissa Golden is an actor, director and stage manager from Chicago. Her most recent credits include WOMEN (Director) and THE HEIDI CHRONICLES (Stage Manager) (The Cuckoo's Theater Project); ALL MIXED UP (Beth) (Barely Concealed Productions). She is very proud to work on a show that means so much and is so important, and is looking forward to performing in TCTP’s production of THE WATER CHILDREN this summer. She wants to thank everyone who has ever believed in and supported her.

Get to know Melissa! :

TCTP: When was a time that you stood up for yourself? Did it work out in your favor?

MG: One time I was being harassed by a drunk man on a red line platform and after about two minutes of listening to his ridiculous rambling, I finally told him that I wasn’t interested in his story and asked him to stop talking to me and my friend and just leave us alone. He tried to push forward and make me listen to him but from that moment on I refused to let him get a word in, only telling him again and again to leave us alone before he finally did. It definitely worked out in getting him to leave us be but it also taught me that if I don’t feel like standing by politely while a stranger takes up my personal time, I don’t have to and it gave me the confidence to be more direct about what I want and what my time is worth.

TCTP: Callie is a not-so- secret foodie. What’s your favorite restaurant in the city to bring friends to?

MG: I admit, I rarely take anyone out to dinner unless it’s just myself, but when I really want to impress someone I take them to Taste of Peru in Edgewater. Best ceviche on the NorthSide.

TCTP: Stop Kiss takes place in the 90s, so what’s one thing from that decade you would want to bring back?

MG: Pretty much every fashion trend you could find on the tv show My So-Called Life. Also TLC.

TCTP: Have you ever been an innocent bystander in a situation? What did you do?

MG: I have but I don’t wish to go into detail. There was nothing I could do at the time but watch it happen.

TCTP: Straddle or Swerve?

MG: Straddle, but I’m not always the best driver.

Come see Melissa's work in Stop Kiss, running April 7- May 6 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

Get tickets here:

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