Meet the team of STOP KISS - Marc James (Detective Cole)

Marc is the Artistic Director of TCTP. Some of his favorite credits include: PETER/WENDY (Capt Hook/Mrs. Darling), THE GREEN BIRD (Renzo), THE TEMPEST (Ariel), THE 8 REINDEER MONOLOGUES (Hollywood) ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (Chester) (TCTP); SPRING AWAKENING (Dieter) (Surging Films & Theatrics); SNOOPY THE MUSICAL (Linus) (Company On Stage), YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN (Schroder) (Playhouse 90); CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (Larry)( Fort Bend Theater); VIOLET (Virgil) (Dionysus Theater). Marc was a company member of Dionysus Theater in Texas for 2 years where he worked with Jamie Campbell (American Horror Story) in a production of VIOLET and YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN. Thanks to Bart, Jojo, Jackie and Soul for all your support. "I am my own experiment I am my own art" -Madonna

Get to know Marc! :

TCTP: When was a time that you stood up for yourself? Did it work out in your favor?

MJ: First time I stood up for myself was middle school I was made fun of for being different. There was afternoon in my 8th grade english class where we were discussing something about differences and what makes us different. When my teacher got to me I was about to talk when a kid who would bully me yelled across the room and called me a faggot. I got up from my desk and yelled at him to not call me that. We both got sent to the principals office that day.

TCTP: Callie is a not-so- secret foodie. What’s your favorite restaurant in the city to bring friends to?

MJ: I love Parachute it's an amazing place with a chill vibe, a place for friends to gather and eat amazing food. "Without good food there is no joy"- Jack Phillips

TCTP: Stop Kiss takes place in the 90s, so what’s one thing from that decade you would want to bring back?

MJ: Ummm I don't know I was a teen in the 90's so lets bring back the grunge music era back that was awesome!!!!!

TCTP: Have you ever been an innocent bystander in a situation? What did you do?

MJ: When I was tending bar at a night club I worked at I saw this guy get into to fist fight. I actually jumped over the bar and stopped it before the other could punch him.

TCTP: Straddle or Swerve?

MJ: Straddle because Swerve you could only get hurt.

Come see Marc and the rest of the cast of Stop Kiss, running April 7- May 6 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

Get tickets here:

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