Meet the team of STOP KISS - Francesca Atian (Lighting Design)

Francesca Atian is thrilled to be working with the Cuckoo’s Theater Project as a proud company member! She is an actor and theatre technician based in Chicago. Her most recent work was featured in FAREWELL MY FRIEND (Assistant Stage Manager) ((re)discover theatre); PETER/WENDY (Lighting Designer) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project); and FUGITIVE SONGS (Assistant Lighting Designer) (UW- Madison). Recent performance credits: AMERICAN HWANGAP (Esther Chun, u/s) (A-Squared Theatre and Halcyon Theatre); WOMEN (Amy March), and ANON(YMOUS) (Ritu, Serza, Zyclo’s Bird) (Cuckoo’s Theater Project). Enjoy the show!

Get to know Francesca! :

TCTP: When was a time that you stood up for yourself? Did it work out in your favor?

FA: I stood up to an old boss when she tried to make me do several menial tasks which were not conducive to the work flow. It worked out for me because it was easier than I thought it would be to say no to her and because I didn’t have to do more work.

TCTP: Callie is a not-so- secret foodie. What’s your favorite restaurant in the city to bring friends to?

FA: Candlelite – good pizza, good people

TCTP: Stop Kiss takes place in the 90s, so what’s one thing from that decade you would want to bring back?

FA: Pop bands dancing in their music videos

TCTP: Have you ever been an innocent bystander in a situation? What did you do?

FA: Nothing that comes to mind

TCTP: Straddle or Swerve?

FA: Swerve

Come see Francesca's work Stop Kiss, running April 7- May 6 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

Get tickets here:

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