Meet the team of STOP KISS - Patrick Ruetschlin (Male U/S / Assistant Stage Manager)

Patrick Ruetschlin is pleased as punch to be working with Cuckoo's for the first time. Past Chicago credits include EUGENE (Count Restaud)(On the Spot Theatre); WHEN ANGELS WEPT (George) (New Lincoln Theatre); and ZOMBIE SEINFELD (Newman)(Gorilla Tango ). Patrick originally hails from Bloomington IN and is a graduate of The Gaiety School in Dublin Ireland. He would like to thank his amazing wife Anna for her love and support.

Get to know Patrick! :

TCTP: When was a time that you stood up for yourself? Did it work out in your favor?

PR: Growing up in a small town in Southern Indiana always seemed to challenge my liberal sensibilities. The only thing I had to stand up for myself for was being an atheist in an extremely religious conservative town, in which I was constantly told I was going to Hell. But that was always easy to brush off.

TCTP: Callie is a not-so- secret foodie. What’s your favorite restaurant in the city to

bring friends to?

PR: favorite restaurant is cafe el tapitio

TCTP: Stop Kiss takes place in the 90s, so what’s one thing from that decade you

would want to bring back?

PR: as someone who came of age in the 90's, I would like to see JNKO jeans, cause they are hilarious

TCTP: Have you ever been an innocent bystander in a situation? What did you do?

PR: when I was 8 I went to Philly for my grandfather's funeral, and while on a bus saw a man on the street get shot twice in the face before the bus sped off

TCTP: Straddle or Swerve?

PR: I was once suspended from school for punching kid, after he used a racial slur in regards to Frederick Douglass. So I guess I would have to pick straddle over swerve, as I was never scared to through myself into any confrontation.

Come see Patrick and the rest of the cast of Stop Kiss, running April 7- May 7 at The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building

Get tickets here:

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