Meet the team of LANGUAGE OF ANGELS - Jenna Liddle (Celie)

Jenna Liddle is pleased to be making her Cuckoo’s Theater Project and Redtwist Theater debut in “Language of Angels”. Her most recent credits include THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS CAROL (Charity Woman, Mrs. C, Doris, Marilyn, etc.) (Steel Beam Theater) and MARY-KATE OLSEN IS IN LOVE (Amazing Girl) (The Comrades). Jenna graduated from Illinois State University’s School of Theater and Dance. Alma mater credits include TALES OF THE LOST FORMICANS (Judy); 9 PARTS OF DESIRE (Layal); THE TOOTH OF CRIME: SECOND DANCE (Becky); MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Farmer’s Wife), and more. Jenna has done work for the ONION, and appeared in WGN’s Vegas Season Promo. Jenna would like to thank her friends and family for their support, her skilled artistic team, legal parking spaces, and her vice that is caffeine.

Get to know Jenna! :

TCTP: The characters that live after the incident spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. What is one of your biggest fears?

JL: One of my biggest fears is not succeeding. And by that, I mean not being content. As long as you’re happy, I think you’ve succeeded.

TCTP: To deal with what happened that night, some characters turn to certain means of escape. What is your biggest vice?

JL: My biggest vice is probably music. And ASMR videos. And cupcakes when the frosting’s done right.

TCTP: Tattoos/Body Alterations (best way we could say it with no spoilers) are are a recurring image in the play. Do you have any tattoos/piercings, etc?

JL: I’ve been brainstorming my first tattoo. I do have piercings. I have my naval done, and a lot of ear piercings. My favorite one(s) are my conch piercings, which are a large and small rhinestone. I’ve actually always wanted wrist dermals and a lot of tattoos, however, I think excess would possibly be obtrusive in my field.

TCTP: The incident started from a group of teenagers having a night of dumb, reckless, fun. What’s a dumb thing you did when you were young?

JL: When I was 14, I went garbage picking with some friends. At that time, I had recently discovered my love for antiques, vessels, and rustic looking décor. My friend drove us around her neighborhood, until at one house I discovered a bunch of old bottles, including a wine bottle—that wasn’t completely empty. No, we did not drink the curbside wine, but in that moment, I was overcome with excitement about this DIY: vase opportunity I’d stumbled upon. So naturally, I gathered all objects, including my future window vase, and put it where all opened bottles containing alcohol should go: with 14 year old me, in the passenger seat of my friend’s car. When we arrived home, my friend’s parents were obviously not as jazzed about our finds as we were. (My friend found a pretty sweet ottoman, btdubs.) After noticing the bottle, her dad explained I had made a very bad decision and that we were lucky we hadn’t been pulled over. Unfortunately, the trouble didn’t end there. The next morning her father asked me to go out and look at the side of my friend’s car. The wine bottle contained red wine, and what was left of it dripped on the floor and all along the outside of the white passenger door. He was nice about it and sort of teased me for the mistake, but I was so embarrassed. Later that day, I asked my friend if it was okay I apologize to him on the phone one more time. I know this was really stupid. But you asked.

TCTP: The majority of the characters are coupled up at the beginning of the play. Who was your first young love? Bonus question: Are you still together?

JL: My first friend was a boy. And we’re still friends. I think when we were little we flirted a lot. I think I had my first boyfriend in 6th grade. And my first relationship was summer going into 6th grade. It lasted 5 minutes.

Come see Jenna and the rest of the cast of Language of Angels, running February 15 - March 26 at Redtwist Theatre.

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