Meet the team of LANGUAGE OF ANGELS - Seamus McMahon (JB)

Seamus McMahon is super excited to be making his debut with The Cuckoo's Theater Project. A recent graduate of Loyola University Chicago, his credits include GREAT EXPECTATIONS and A FESTIVAL OF JEWISH STORIES (Piven Theatre). He would like to thank Marc for this opportunity, his great castmates and crew, wonderful agents at Stewart Talent, and of course his ever supporting family and friends.

Get to know Seamus! :

TCTP: The characters that live after the incident spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. What is one of your biggest fears?

SM: One of my biggest fears is actually heights (Sorry Six Flags, can't do roller coasters). I can do okay with them if I am in a closed environment, but man if it is something like the Empire State Building where the observation deck is outside...the knees buckle. The sad irony is that I love buildings and exploring these tall places, so I do end up going high up a lot. I just get up there a little bit slower than others!

TCTP: To deal with what happened that night, some characters turn to certain means of escape. What is your biggest vice?

SM: If there was a rehab for pastry eating, I would probably have to check in. Decadent chocolate cake, brownies, cookies, doughnuts. I would eat a whole box of munchkins if it was not frowned upon in today's society.

TCTP: Tattoos/Body Alterations (best way we could say it with no spoilers) are are a recurring image in the play. Do you have any tattoos/piercings, etc?

SM: No Tattoos or Piercings

TCTP: The incident started from a group of teenagers having a night of dumb, reckless, fun. What’s a dumb thing you did when you were young?

SM: Being only two years a part, my sister and I would run around the house playing all sorts of crazy games when we were kids. One time, we were pretending we were frogs, jumping up the stairs in a race to the top. Everything was going well without a hitch until my foot caught on one of the steps, causing me to fall backward down the stairs---crashing into the door below. I lost the game, and got a sprained ankle in the process.

TCTP: The majority of the characters are coupled up at the beginning of the play. Who was your first young love? Bonus question: Are you still together?

SM: My first girlfriend was back in 8th grade. I remember being so nervous for anything, even holding her hand. Needless to say, it didn't last long.

Come see Seamus and the rest of the cast of Language of Angels, running February 15 - March 26 at Redtwist Theatre.

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