Meet the team of LANGUAGE OF ANGELS - Van Wilson (Michael)

Van Wilson is a Chicago based actor and improviser: his favorite credits include ROUGH MAGIC (Chet Baxter); CAN CAUSE DEATH (Bob); and PINEAPPLE UPSIDE (#1). He also improvises every Saturday at 10 pm with his team Socrates Soccer Tees at The Comedy Clubhouse. He thanks his parents and fiancée for believing in him.

Get to know Van! :

TCTP: The characters that live after the incident spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. What is one of your biggest fears?

VW: I fear failure which is difficult for an improviser. Maybe that’s why I’m an improviser; to face my fear.

TCTP: To deal with what happened that night, some characters turn to certain means of escape. What is your biggest vice?

VW: TV. It beckons like a tiny light in a cave but it does not lead the way out.

TCTP: Tattoos/Body Alterations (best way we could say it with no spoilers) are are a recurring image in the play. Do you have any tattoos/piercings, etc?

VW: I am free of tattoos and body piercings.

TCTP: The incident started from a group of teenagers having a night of dumb, reckless, fun. What’s a dumb thing you did when you were young?

VW: I was cured of my wildness at a young age when, in 3rd grade, my friends and I broke into my neighbor’s shed in order to build a boxcar with what we found. They called the police on us, we ran, and got caught. We had to apologize to my neighbor in person. It was traumatizing.

TCTP: The majority of the characters are coupled up at the beginning of the play. Who was your first young love? Bonus question: Are you still together?

VW: Jenny and I “dated” from 5th grade to 7th grade. I believe I can count on 2 hands the amount of dates we went on.

Come see Van and the rest of the cast of Language of Angels, running February 15 - March 26 at Redtwist Theatre.

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