Meet the team of LANGUAGE OF ANGELS - Sierra Buffum (Assistant Stage Manager)

Sierra Buffum is a local actress who recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago. Recent onstage credits include: STARTING OVER (Rayna) (MPAACT); LOVE AND INFORMATION (Ensemble) (CCC); DOG SEES GOD (CB’s Sister) (Stray Dog Theatre); and more. She’s so grateful to Marc and the rest of the company for taking a chance on her and letting her ASM for the first time! Here’s to many more experiences, onstage and off.

Get to know Sierra! :

TCTP: The characters that live after the incident spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. What is one of your biggest fears?

SB: failure

TCTP: To deal with what happened that night, some characters turn to certain means of escape. What is your biggest vice?

SB: Frozen yogurt. Or coffee. Or both. Both are an addiction that I will go way out of my way for and always overpay for.

TCTP: Tattoos/Body Alterations (best way we could say it with no spoilers) are are a recurring image in the play. Do you have any tattoos/piercings, etc?

SB: If I wasn’t an actress, I’d be covered in piercings and tattoos. As it is, I’m doing pretty well hiding the ones I’ve got. I have two tattoos on my feet, one on my hip, another on my thigh, and a little baby one on my wrist.

TCTP: The incident started from a group of teenagers having a night of dumb, reckless, fun. What’s a dumb thing you did when you were young?

SB: I plastered my neighbor friend’s swing set with Pokémon stickers that I had gotten for my birthday when I was little. I even took a permanent marker and wrote all over the inside,turning it into the ultimate kid fortress. It rained over night, and the stickers got permanently stuck to the swing set. His parents definitely didn’t think it was as awesome as I did…

TCTP: The majority of the characters are coupled up at the beginning of the play. Who was your first young love? Bonus question: Are you still together?

SB: I fall in love easily, and I had a lot of young loves. But my first boyfriend was a guy at a neighboring high school-- we still talk every once in a while.

Come see Sierra's work in Language of Angels, running February 15 - March 26 at Redtwist Theatre.

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