Meet the team of LANGUAGE OF ANGELS - Michael Joseph (Lighting Design)

Michael Joseph is a Columbia College Chicago graduate (16’) with a degree in Theatre Design. Previous shows were TEDX TALK, SIR THE BAPTIST (Concert), and WOMEN (TCTP). This is Michael’s third show with The Cuckoo’s Theater Project and second this season. Cuckoo’s has given him a chance to shine and he thanks them for letting him feel like part of the family. If you would like to see more of Michael Joseph’s designs, please visit

Get to know Michael! :

TCTP: The characters that live after the incident spend a lot of time looking over their shoulders. What is one of your biggest fears?

MJ: Wow. That is a tricky one. I would say my biggest fear is to have waste four years of college and can’t get a job that will support my family and I. You work so hard to do what the world tells you is right. Follow your dreams. Go to College/grad school. However, at the end of the day, if you aren’t doing what you love and you can’t support your family, It would feel awful.

TCTP: To deal with what happened that night, some characters turn to certain means of escape. What is your biggest vice?

MJ: I would say my biggest vice is spending money. I throw money away like it’s made from trees. Unfortunately, I have used money to buy friend as in return it has come back to haunt me

TCTP: Tattoos/Body Alterations (best way we could say it with no spoilers) are are a recurring image in the play. Do you have any tattoos/piercings, etc?

MJ: No and my parents would kill me if I ever got one.

TCTP: The incident started from a group of teenagers having a night of dumb, reckless, fun. What’s a dumb thing you did when you were young?

MJ: Surprisingly, I didn’t do a lot of dumb things when I was a teenager because I never had the chance. College was a different story. One time I was sleeping in the dorms, about 3am, and I wake up to the fire alarm going off and smoke flooding in my room. Without thinking, I quickly ran all the way outside to -20 degree weather. That’s when I realized that all I had on was my boxers and that was it. Turns out that my roommates gf was making popcorn and burned it.

TCTP: The majority of the characters are coupled up at the beginning of the play. Who was your first young love? Bonus question: Are you still together?

MJ: This girl that lived in my building back when I was in the 3 rd grade. She was my first kissed but she moved out soon after. Everyone teased me saying that she left because my kissing was that awful.

Come see Michael's work in Language of Angels, running February 15 - March 26 at Redtwist Theatre.

Get tickets here:

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