Meet the team of WOMEN - Marc James (Sound Design)

Marc is the Artistic Director of TCTP. Some of his favorite credits include: PETER/WENDY (Capt Hook), THE GREEN BIRD (Renzo), THE TEMPEST (Ariel), THE 8 REINDEER MONOLOGUES (Hollywood) ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (Chester) (TCTP); SPRING AWAKENING (Dieter) (Surging Films & Theatrics); SNOOPY THE MUSICAL (Linus) (Company On Stage), YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN (Schroder) (Playhouse 90); CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (Larry)( Fort Bend Theater); VIOLET (Virgil) (Dionysus Theater). Marc was a company member of Dionysus Theater in Texas for 2 years where he worked with Jamie Campbell (American Horror Story) in a production of VIOLET and YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN. Thanks to Bart, Jojo, Jackie and Soul for all your support. "I am my own experiment I am my own art" -Madonna

Get to know Marc! :

TCTP: Sisterhood is one of the main themes of our show. Do you have any siblings?

MJ: a sister who is 9 years older and brother who is 8 years older.

TCTP: Jo from Little Women is considered to be a classic literary character, who is your favorite?

MJ: Peter Pan

TCTP: Our show combines the classic plot of Little Women with the characters and language of the HBO show Girls. What is your favorite millennial phrase or slang?

MJ: Sorry not sorry

TCTP: We get to see years of the March sisters childhood's crammed into a little over an hour. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

MJ: When i turned 8 my parents bought me a cake with a smurffet figure on it

TCTP: This is an easy one. Favorite book? Can be classic or contemporary. (Just like our show!)

MJ: Boy Meets Boy by David Lavithan

Women, runs January 6th - February 4th at The Pentagon Theater at Collaboraction Studios in The Flat Iron Arts Building

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