Meet the team of WOMEN - Kamron Palmer (Mr. Lawrence/Clovis)

Kamron is a Chicago based actor and this is his first time working with the lovely folks at Cuckoo’s Theater Project. Kamron is an artistic member with 20% Theatre and frequently works with the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company. You can always see Kamron perform monthly with the radio-podcast group Starlight Radio Dreams ( Thank you for coming out and supporting live theatre!

Get to know Kamron! :

TCTP: Sisterhood is one of the main themes of our show. Do you have any siblings?

KP: Two. A younger sister and a brother.

TCTP: Jo from Little Women is considered to be a classic literary character, who is your favorite?

KP: Ugh, this is really lame, but Cyrano de Bergerac. He's the poster boy for how awful self-loathing truly is, and his behavior can be infuriating, but...he's so cool. His competence is staggering, and he's great at everything; impossibly so. But everyone can identify with his feelings of romantic inadequacy that shape the main course of the play. He's both singularly untouchable and universally completely relatable. The character is so bloody brilliant.

TCTP: Our show combines the classic plot of Little Women with the characters and language of the HBO show Girls. What is your favorite millennial phrase or slang?

KP: Treat. Yo. Self.

TCTP: We get to see years of the March sisters childhood's crammed into a little over an hour. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

KP: My favorite memory as a kid is more of a collection of all the times I would just ride my bike around the neighborhood by myself. I was very young (1st and 2nd grade), and I had no idea where I was going or where I was, but I always navigated back home successfully It was exciting to go out and 'map unexplored territory,' so to speak, and it made me rather bold and self-reliant as a child. I really miss that sense of eager adventure.

TCTP: This is an easy one. Favorite book? Can be classic or contemporary. (Just like our show!)

KP: Lord of the Rings. It's one of the few stories that gets better with each read through. 2 gud, mate.

Women, runs January 6th - February 4th at The Pentagon Theater at Collaboraction Studios in The Flat Iron Arts Building

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